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Downloadz Games is the only website that provides you thousands (1000+) of free and top games for your Desktop PC and Mobile devices like Android and iOS platforms. We aim to provide you the most popular and best addictive games.

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In our website, all the games free to download, while the games are HD quality, and there is no time limit, most of the games are fully free, and some little is available in the demo version, but you can play it for free before buying the paid version.

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We systemize our website for only legal games only, and every game is 100% legal, we do not provide any illegal game and pirated files. We are strongly supporting any individuals and all companies that spend money on games creation and doing hard work for developing games.

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Your trust and safety is our priority, and we don’t provide or include any unwanted files or software in our downloadable files. Most of the gaming website includes additional software in their files, but our team is working hard to remove the toolbar, and junk software form the game file and provide you only pure installation setup file.