Bubble Mouse Blast

In this vast and attractive Bubble Mouse Blast game, here you help the Mayor of Mouse from the invasion of black cats to clean the city. Where the mousetrap will use as a canon, Before cleaning the city park, railway station, docks, and museum, but you have first started the opera. Players want to unlock many places; then, they have accepted many challenges and earn enough stars as they can.!

Double the bonus by performing the long combo series and always try to lead on the high scoreboard. Bubble Mouse also includes many basic features like different challenging modes, unlock bonus ball as you can. In the bubble mouse blast game, 6 attractive worlds are hungry waits for you and 98 challenging levels. The mouse will play against the cats. In the mouse bubble blast game, fire the bubbles through cannon and make pairs of two or three to clear the board.

Swapping Bubbles In Bubble Mouse Blast

Collecting more points bounce the bubble off the wall. You can also earn boosts through coins. Earning more coins play the Bubble Ring bonus game. The player can also change the position of the bubble in the might cannon with the one mouse is holding and press the space bar.

Cats prevention in Bubble Blast

The unbreakable and destroyable thing in the online bubble mouse blasts game is the black cat’s bubbles. Above the cats clear the bubbles, send them tumbling off the screen.

Bombs Strategy in Bubbles

Buy special bomb bubbles through coins you earned during the game. On the left side of the screen, there is an icon in the bomb design click on it and blast the chunks of bubbles with one shot.
In Bubble Mouse, it’s dependent upon you to enable the city hall leader to stop a catlike attack! Match 3 and make all the difference in this lovable online bubble mouse blast game air pocket shooter. What number of stars will you get? What number of levels will you manifest? Play Bubble Mouse today!


  • Shoot and Aim to use the mouse.
  • Space bar for swapping bubbles.

Features of Bubble Mouse Blast

  1. Classic bubble shooting fun.
  2. Double bonus mini-games.
  3. Awesome graphics.

The extra feature that it is a puzzle game every age of people will love to play this game, especially kids.

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Requirements of the Game

Need an internet connection to play online free Bubble Mouse Blast game.

Release Date

Company Masque launches the game in the market is Sep 3, 2015.

Get a Key to the City by finishing each of the 6 locations BUBBLE MOUSE BLAST. The cats control over the candy store with another arrangement that is more naughty than any time in recent memory. Shoot bubbles while treat and cakes advance towards your mouse legend. Act quick, since that improvised gun can hold a thing for a couple of moments. Squash the challenge with all-new power-ups and arrive at the top of the scoreboard.

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Play Bubble Mouse Blast Game Online Free

NOTE: Please Allow Flash Player on your browser in order to play the game online.


How Many Levels Are in Bubble Shooter?

Air pocket SHOOTER with more than 3000 LEVELS !!!!! Play the work of art and most addictive air pocket pop game for FREE, coordinate 3 hues, and precise levels.

How Do You Play Bubble Shoot?

Shoot the bubble at the base at the mass of air pockets by clicking your mouse. You point by setting the mouse where you need the air pocket to go. At the point when you shoot the air pocket to make a gathering of at least 3 air pockets, those air pockets will pop. Continue popping rises until the whole board is vacant to win the level.

How Many Levels Are in Bubble Shooter Original?

The most adorable bear of the history, Bubble Shooter – Original Bear is coming! This charming bear lets the air pockets do the shooting in an addictive air pocket shooter. Match and pop beautiful air pockets in more than 1000 energizing levels. Also, this air pocket shooting match-up for nothing!

What Are Bubbles?

An air pocket is a flimsy film of foamy water. The more significant part of the air pockets that you see is loaded up with air. However, you can make an air pocket utilizing different gasses, for example, carbon dioxide. The film that makes the air pocket has three layers. A thin layer of water is sandwiched between two layers of cleanser atoms.

How Do I Make Bubbles?

Measure 6 cups of water into one holder. At that point, pour 1 cup of dish cleanser into the water and gradually mix it until the shampoo is blended in. Make an effort not to let foam or air pockets structure while you mix. Measure 1 tablespoon of glycerin or 1/4 cup of corn syrup and add it to the holder. Mix the arrangement until it is combined.

What Does Bubble Mean in Slang?

(outdated) Someone who has been ‘percolated’ or tricked; a hoodwink. (allegorically) The enthusiastic and additionally physical environment wherein the subject is inundated; conditions, feeling. (Cockney rhyming slang) a Greek (additionally: air pocket and squeak).

Is Bitcoin a Bubble?

Bitcoin is in a bubble, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Bitcoin falls flat, or is in any event suspect, like money in a few different ways: a storage facility of significant worth, a unit of record, and a mode of trade. At the point when over the top positive thinking far exceeds typical levelheaded desires, crashes happen — and this will be the situation with bitcoin.

What is British Bubble?

Bubble and squeak is a traditional British breakfast made from boiled potatoes and cabbage. The name bubble and peep are used primarily in England (for Scotland and Ireland see the Similar section dishes), and it may also be understood in parts of some other Commonwealth countries and the United States.

Can You Use Shampoo to Make a Bubble Bath?

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