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10 Talismans Game for Girls

10 Talismans

Now jump into the great and fantastic view with the great 10 Talisman game. The best game 10 Talisman tells us the locations and adventures of the ancient East.

Features of 10 Talismans Girls Game

On the way, they will give more and rare opportunities to unlock magical Talisman. If you have the ability to solve the puzzles there are ten of them all together will give you as a prize. You feel good when u heard about money, Wisdom, and power from the ancient legend. You can achieve all these rewards when u collect all the Talisman in this game.
To download the 10 Talismans game now and prove yourselves that u can solve these hard confusing puzzles. Your target is to achieve that from the playing field clear all the golden tiles. You can do it by arranging 2 or more tiles in a horizontal or vertical line. You have to get rid of the tiles then swap 2 adjacent tiles. There are so many types of tiles bells, gongs, swords, and other relics.

About Girls Game Music

Music-making the atmosphere of 10 Talisman game is relaxing and peaceful but concentrate on one and important thing, that there is limited time given. If you are unable to match all the tiles within the time you will absolutely lose the level.

You want to enjoy and relax after a hard and tough day this is the way to relax with 10 Talisman. The picturesque and a piece of great calm music will make u calm and fresh. So Welcome to 10 Talisman game.
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Download 20 Days to Find Amy Girls Game

20 Days to Find Amy

20 days for finding Amy game: Everybody loves to search for clues. Here we offer you an opportunity to investigate a case. You have to fully concentrate on investigating the case in this game. There is a case of a girl. She is missing, so u have to find that this is a kidnapping case or she leaves the house for her own freedom.

Features of Finding Amy Girl Game

Watch the list of some given objects. There is dairy which may give you some information about Amy before your arrival. In a diary, there must be some clues which tell you that what Amy wants! She wants to live abroad or something else happened.
You do not know but there is something strange happened around that place in this adventurous game. You should do something maybe she is in danger. You have to uncover all those secrets. Join 20 Days to Find Amy. At the very beginning of the game, there are lots of secrets, objects, and locations that will open for you.
Finding Amy within 20 Days in this game will not be a boring task. So challenge yourself!

There are only 20 Days to find Amy.

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Download Cake Shop 2 Game for Girls

Cake Shop 2
The game Cake Shop 2 is all about Delicious fruitcakes. Who is served for the customer to earn money in a good way!

Features of Cake Shop Game for Girl

Treat and attract your customers with different fillings in Cake Shop 2 game! Visitors always feel happy when the service is fast and show some unique technique to serve. Time management, business, girl, shop is necessary for a good career. Get it now free cake shop 2 games.

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