Return Man 2 Game

Return man 2 is a Rugby game and belongs to America, here you have to tackle and dutch many of your opponent players and get the ball to the end zone. 3 of your partners can support you to get the ball and will help you to tackle other opponents, as you upgrade your level this will increase the difficulty, and it’ll get harder to pass your opponents with the support of your partners.


Return man 2 game having an identification to get the ball to the end zone, but within this procedure phases, you’ll lose your possession.


Speed Booster will allow you to run faster for such time or few seconds; the player will collect that during the run time in the game. There are different challenging levels, so according to the path, the difficulty will increase as you level up. Return man 2 is now entirely trustworthy and available fully free.

Tips and Tricks

  • Do not play the leading role; stay behind your partners; they will protect you from your opponents and will help you to reach your destination faster.
  • When you see the booster, collect it immediately, and upgrade your speeding level.
  • You want to catch the ball; then, you have to move towards the yellow circle.
  • For excitement, they also add some special moves for the player i.e., spin, front flip, and speed burst, but the gamer must earn this because these stunts unlock on high levels, not at the beginning of the gameplay.
  • Commands using for the spin is A. Front Flip D and for Speed Burst is S.

Hacked Game

You can trust now this incredible game and now fully secured. Return man 2 is the best way to remove your doubts and enjoy one of the best games of your life. Download Game now to play free.

Player Controls

  • Press j for run left.
  • Press l run right.
  • Press k move forward.
  • Press I move back.
  • Spacebar to continue.
  • You can also mute your game by pressing M.

The Developers

Mini Monster Media developed this game, and ESPN Arcade was the publisher. Return Man 2 still in the best rank in between top sports games.

The defenders will defend you from opponents. They can clear the field, but you should be careful about the kicks because it will slow you down. For a couple of seconds, you want to run faster then eat the speed booster to increase your speed level. Try Car Driving Games.

Return Man 2: Zombies

Return Man 2 Zombies are containing spooky Halloween themes and belong to the American Football game. Like the original Return Man 2 running in the field and avoiding tackles from humans. But you will face zombies, and the zombies are hungry to eat you!

Unblocked Stages

At zombies series of the game has ten different stages, and each step brought different characters and eye-catchy stadiums for running. In the first stage, you must be alone, and you will fight against zombies without any support! But after finishing the beginning levels of Return Man 2: zombies, you will unlock more stages and gather your team for the help.

When you enter the first stage, the ball is thrown towards you. You must catch the ball and build your way to the touchdown without being hunted by zombies.

But remember your special moves and gather power-ups that are placed in different areas of the ground. Just think that can you escape from zombies and fight for freedom!


  • Run backward press K.
  • Move forward press I.
  • J for turning left.
  • L for turning right.
  • For special moves use A S D.

Return Man 2 Mud Bowl

Return Man 2 Mud Bowl is one of the best games in the series. The game still running with excitement and adding more and more challenging stages and paths.

The gamers say this is one of the most excellent additions to the Return Man American Football game series. But in this game, the football field is covered with dirty mud. Use quarterback for help to catch the football and run towards the end zone to score a touchdown.


Mud bowl is a dirty spot game in which you have to run across a muddy football field, but be careful and don’t slip on the dirt. Spin to avoid the tackle and use blockers to clear your path to the end zone.

The Developers

This game developed by Mini Monster Media, and they provided an entirely free and enjoyable game for everyone on the surface of the earth.

Return Man 2 Linebacker

Return man 2 linebackers are one of the best top sports games. The sport game lover couldn’t avoid this game due to the features of the game and return man two linebacker could be a massive competitor as compared to other sports or football games. This is a fun game and is ready to tackle the man right before getting into the end zone.

You have to be very careful about the blockers helping him clear the way, but try to be active and fast; otherwise, you would lose your defensive stand.

Advance Tips

Not to move towards ice and snow area. Use speed burst in Linebacker 2 to gather more bonus points and hit the top score of the game.


Linebacker has 14 different challenging levels, and you must complete them. The central theme of the game is to reach the end zone and score the best as you can and avoid the defenders during move in the field.

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