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Happy Wheels assign you to the brutal racing game is to collect your inadequately prepared racer, and make sure you are ignoring the severe consequences search for victory.


Happy Wheels is one of the products of Fancy Force Inc. But Fancy Force Inc is not directly linked with this site. Here these are the properties of the respective owners whatever they are mention here like company names, product names, all trademarks, registered trademarks, and logos. You can download happy wheels for Pc and android on both platform you can access.

  • Publishers: Softonic
  • Release Date: 2/8/2020
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Windows & Android


  • For acceleration and deceleration or reverse use Up and Down arrow keys.
  • For leaning, you have to use Right and Left arrow keys.
  • For some specific actions of characters press Spacebar, Ctrl or shift.
  • You can eject by pressing the z key.
  • Download Happy Wheels to enjoy and to kill time.

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  • Compatible for all Windows.
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Happy Wheels 2

Gift of Magic Craft Games, Free App for Windows.
Happy Wheels is free of cost software, which belongs to the category of “Action.”


We are not able to test this app, you have to try at least one time and leave your response for us in the form of a comment on our website. We heartily appreciate your courage, and for sure our user community will also be happy.

Happy Wheels 2 needs Windows and so on. You can run this app in only the English language, and this version varies with the device.
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Happy Wheels 3

Happy Wheels 3 belongs to the portable version of the classic flash game having the same name, in this position you will find the end of the series, by controlling characters riding on a wheeled vehicle of all sorts, from Segways to Bicycles.


The problem that arises at the end of the levels is not easy to solve. This must be possible that your character will die again and again in the most horrible ways, filling everything with blood.

Whatever they suggest for controlling work is pretty well, remember one thing that the game itself very tough there are also so many terrible and frightened characters which are unfortunately not mentioned.


Now times come for the compliments about Happy Wheels. If you have dared try it out, you must enjoy this game. The game is full of entertainment, and we admitted this is not for all types of the audience, but those who played Happy Wheels will not suffer from boring. So download now the best game and enjoy it! Google happy wheels provide the free game to play.

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Happy Wheels 4

An Old School road races await for you with bloody and twisted adventure, Happy Wheels is a traditional arcade game that which you can play online. There are a variety of challenges and tasks you have to fill these up, like drive aimlessly around in a golf cart, or drive in a race from one dead-end of the level to another dead end. The central theme of the game is to complete all the challenges and tasks that are coming in different levels and make it out in one piece.


There is no such time to keep track of the characters. Happy Wheels also have drawbacks that it’s fast pace often makes it difficult to know what is going to happen now. The side effect is the player sometimes confuse and lose their attention and track their avatars due to this they can’t play effectively as they can! As well as the confusion increases the task becomes more difficult and challenging.

The game is freezing up when they are running so hard some of our user’s complaint about this. This will not happen if your system meets all the recommendations to process this game and memory capacity.
Download now the best entertainment game ever and enjoy it!

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Frequently Ask Questions

How Do You Play Happy Wheels?

Visit the Happy Wheels website. Visit to play Happy Wheels in your browser.

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Get used to the controls.
  3. Play a game.
  4. Learn the unique character abilities.
  5. Figure out the goal of each level.
  6. Understand how death works.
  7. Press Z to eject.

 What Are the Controls for Happy Wheels?

Happy wheel video games come with primary control keys on the keyboard that are the four arrows, area bar, shift, Ctrl, and the letter “Z” It can be hard to govern your character for the duration of your first tries because the controls feel a piece heavy or not on time to apply.

How Do I Make Happy Wheels Full Screen?

  • Make sure you are playing Happy Wheels on Google Chrome.
  • Go to the Happy Wheels website.
  • Upon the extensions bar (next to the address bar), click the Full-Screen Anything button.
  • Happy Wheels and the avatar animation will turn red like this picture.
  • Click on the game (not the avatar animation) and have fun!

How Do You Grab Ropes in Happy Wheels?

In Happy Wheels game in case you hold space bar then it’ll take hold of stuff for you. However, have a look at these need to know keys/controls if you are gambling glad wheels. For better readability, you need to keep the spacebar while your person’s palms are on the object/component.

What Are the Names of the Happy Wheels Characters?

  1. Segway Steve.
  2. Betty.
  3. Wheelchair Willy.
  4. Billy and Bobby.
  5. Lawnmower Larry.
  6. Pogo Pete.
  7. Santa Claus.
  8. Helicopter Harry.

What Year Did Happy Wheels Come Out?

Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-primarily based web browser game that was developed via Jim Bonacci and published by Fancy Force. It changed into released on June 4th, 2010 and maybe played in-browser.

What Age Are Happy Wheels?

Happy Wheels. This app includes common, excessive cool animated film violence. Characters crash into boundaries ensuing in severe gore. Parents should understand if any baby below sixteen is playing this recreation.