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The Walking Dead is an action-adventure, and an episodic game that is from TellTale Creators says to stay connect and faithful to the canon until a new storyline.

By supporting the game feel like more comic series is based on, TellTale choose cartoon to use instead of something else, they released the game in five different episodes with the cell-shaded art style. This information and detail about The Game will, of course, help you and you will feel that you are playing an interactive comic book.


Release Date: 1/24/2017

Publisher: TellTale

Current Version: 1.03

Language: English

The Walking dead is a free Pc online game and concentrated on dialogue choices; they give a limited time to the player to select between some dialogue that is the same to Mass Effect’s dialogue system, the main difference is that the Mass effects contain no time limitation.

When the player heard that the time is limited, then he must answer more rapidly. The players are allowed to portray any of the characters like as s misunderstood, or Lee Everett and Amoral Man.

There they added quick time events in the game to increase the level of tension. In this game, there are the sequences where the player can quickly take down the zombies by clicking on them and courses where the player speedily and rapidly tap a button to fight off of an enemy. They never built to represent as a shooter so walking around and playing with mouse and keyboard.

The story is fantastic with beautiful voice controls and character models. The graphics are not so good and latest, but its cell-shaded art style brings the comic book characters to life with hard brush strokes and vivid colours.

Each character is designed very carefully, so you have to care about each of the characters in your group. Walking Dead also prepared some villains.

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Full Episode

The Walking Dead brought multiple choices for the player. The exciting part is that your friend playing the same game but with a different storyline. By completing the episode, you have to fill a report about the players.

The story is based on the nail-biting climax. Your character in a group is safe due to the best storyline, the Clementine and Lee can leave you breathless. Some of our players are not happy with its ending but I think it is so beautiful and move along with the theme presented in the game.

Telltale has done a great job to develop this game. This one of the most beautiful game ever.

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Season 1

The Walking Dead: Season 1 is a faithful port of Pc version with the best point and clicks Adventure game.

If you don’t know about this game and you like to kill zombies, so you have to read the comics and be patience, watch the show, for sure you will pick the android Walking Dead: Season 1. You can play this game better on a touch screen on a mobile. The other games do not remain good as they are in the past but still faithful to the original game.
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The story of Season 1 is excellent and based on great voice acting and character models. There is still something to do to their graphics they are not most advanced. The comic book character is brought by its cell-shaded art style. For the shocking things, adds some villains.

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Season 3

Android Version provided by Telltale Games. Season 3 is built for Android because it’s better to play on a touch screen. You can download this game so quickly. The creator of the game is Telltale Games which belongs to the category ‘Games’ and the subcategory is ‘Action.’


The latest versions of Android and android 4.3 can use this software. The users can get this only in the English language.

When this included in our apps and software has achieved 488 downloads in 2k17, and last week’s achievement downloaded 10 times. So do not forget and click on a button and enjoy it!

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Frequently Ask Questions

Can You Still Buy the Final Season?

The Final Season is now indexed on the Epic Store but isn’t currently available for purchase, so there may be no records on pricing.

Is the Walking Dead Final Season Going to Be Finished?

The Final Season can be completed, below a settlement, Skybound Games has reached with Telltale Games. On Sept. 21, Telltale Games laid off most of its almost three hundred employees, correctly going out of commercial enterprise every week before the second episode of the Final Season changed into because of release.

Is Telltale Making Another Walking Dead?

The final season of Telltale Games’ The game may be completed. At New York City Comic-Con, Kirkman advised a panel that his enterprise had come to a deal with Telltale to complete the tale.

Will Skybound Continue the Walking Dead?

Starbreeze can now not make it recreation with developer Overkill, in keeping with Skybound Entertainment. The writer of The Walking Dead comedian book series discovered today that it has cancelled its agreement with the gaming enterprise. “And [we] will discontinue all efforts on Overkill’s.”

Is Walking Dead on a Break?

The Walking Dead again to AMC remaining night time (Sunday, February 10) at 8 pm vital. Uk fanatics of The Walking Dead can watch the episode on Fox UK and Now TV. You can sign up to a -week loose trial of NOW TV to watch. After the trial is complete, you can enrol in NOW TV from £7.99 according to month.