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Wordscapes developers are PeopleFun, and it is a free mobile crossword game. The developers developed this game for all ages of people; everybody will enjoy playing this game. As you move forward and pass the challenges, the games become more exciting and words become more difficult to form. Wordscapes is the game to blow your mind with its challenging levels. Can you do this!


For the warm-up in the initial stages, wordscapes give you 3-4 letter words to configure out. The start of the game is so impressive. But the important thing is you have to concentrate as you passing the levels and move onward, careful there because of the words now more complicated and hard. There also included the daily puzzle you have to solve. The daily puzzle brings more different levels; it asks from you to form words in a particular order in the crossword. Try for Test Twist also to enjoy.

Wordscapes is the best exercise and refreshment for the brain because it’s a hot word combination, which is minding teasing game but still enjoyable. Wordscapes game is an excellent way to check your vocabulary how far it’s good and can expand further. What are you thinking, how many words you can make with A D R F G H I?

Hints  in Word Game

If you think, you can’t escape from a level and get stuck there. So no worries! Wordscapes allows you to buy hints using that coin which you earn from the previous puzzles you have completed successfully. From the central crossword puzzle, you can also receive the bonus words.


Wordscapes is very smooth and full of entertainment game that you can play everywhere and anytime. Especially the adults and kids taking more interest due to its colorful background and more pleasant and attractive levels.

The music is very systematic and design according to the standards of the game. It also helps you in the way of education. Download now wordscapes game and enjoy. It is also available offline.
Also, try this one Download Happy Wheels Game.

Play now the Wordscapes game.

Hidden Object Crosswords 2

Hidden Object Crosswords 2 is a game to find hidden objects by solving crosswords. Everybody will enjoy the mixing of words and hidden objects game genre.
Crosswords groups are Riddle and questions. Playing different mini-games to solve the cards, puzzles, match 3 and scrabble. You can find objects on stage or by entering their names using a keyboard.

Hidden Objects Crosswords 2 is on the challenging game, you can challenge yourself to collect many stars as you can and unlock many more different secrets levels. It is also available on PC. Download now to kill time for the benefit.


  • Stars collection for unlocking levels.
  • Stars collection for replay facility.
  • So many mini-games for fun.

Enjoy Hidden Object Crosswords.

Play Now Hidden Object Free Word Game.

Word Fire

Word Fire starts with an easy word game but as you move forward and completing the levels it gets tough as you level up. It’s a free game and must be exciting for all.


  • To earn a bonus try to level up and find many words as you can!
  • when stuck in word jumble, collect coins for a hint and pass the level.
  • To form hidden word matches by connecting words from so many directions as possible.
  • By filling word block jumbles! Receive bonus coins by discovering hidden words.


  • Offline – Online, Everywhere – Every time.
  • Initial stages are easy but get harder when moving forward.
  • Free hints based on daily bonus coins.
  • As you play the game daily, gather more fun every day.
  • Just log in and earn 500 coins for free.
  • Word Fire is the best game for adults and kids too.
  • Play word games free for over +2000 levels.
  • Download Word Fire game for Free now.

Play Now Free Word Fire game.

Rainbow Web 3

For defeating the Wicked Spider Collect the Rainbow dust And Recreate the City. An adventure you played in the previous game of Rainbow Web in that situations you played against Spider & Cunning, break their evil forces whose against the Rainbow Kingdom. But unfortunately and unhappily the spider still lives and he is not stopping till every corner of the kingdom is caught in its deadly web.

Now you have a chance to roll up your sleeves and face evil spider-like a hero because all the entire population vanishes. All the houses are filled up from the spider webs.

Quality Controls

Rainbow Web 3 always does not compromise on quality and traditional goals. They will uniquely continue this series as always. Deal with the stack of beads that fall from the top; it depends on you to match these beads together from where they strung on spider’s silk webs.

Just watch them disappear. Swap beads around to make the chain of the same colors on the webs. There are more than hundreds of spider’s web to play. These stages contain varying sizes, many different threads and for sure new beads for entry points.

Concentration is a crucial point! Sometimes the beads can scatter.
Gather beads that are marked with letters for the secret message to spell out. By completing the secret word, you can finish the puzzle.

Download games to kill your time for the best.


Rainbow Web 3 is not a too tough game to learn but to remember like a master can be difficult. If you like to break the curse on the Rainbow Master’s village for this puzzle, you need personal awareness and sharp eyes. Unfortunately and luckily many more tools available to make your quest easier.

Use and charge it by destroying beads and also smash the one you choose. Use the magic hammer abilities for sure.

Finding beads match feel like it’s difficult to solve but there are hints in a pop-up and lead you to the method. There are too many choices for you to select, if you find the puzzle is challenging and wracking your head you can easily skip that puzzle.

Rainbow Web 3 remaps the series in many ways and gives a new spin to an old formula. Comfortable music, endless charm, challenging puzzles, and whimsical visuals and a lot more. The game that will stick in your head like spider silk.

Play Now the Rainbow Free Word game.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What Are the Best Word Game Apps?

Beyond kid’s games, there are so many challenging word game apps out there which can be intended for adults to play (and play again).

  • Wordscapes.
  • Alphabeat.
  • TypeShift.
  • Four Letters.
  • Blackbar.
  • Words with Friends (2).
  • New York Times Crossword.
  • Word Cookies.

 How Do You Play the Game Words?

  1. Overall Objective. Players exchange turns forming words horizontally or vertically on the board, trying to score as many points as possible for each word.
  2. Tile Placement. The first word must be placed so that 1 of the tiles is on the star in the center of the board.
  3. Scoring.
  4. End Game.
  5. Dictionary.

How Much Does the Wordscapes App Cost?

Kids see occasional ads, in-app purchases to be had from $0.99 – $49.99 according to object. They also can pay $2.99 to eliminate advertisements.

What is the Fastest Way to Solve Word Search?

  1. Tip One: Ignore the Word List.
  2. Tip Two: Search for Multiple Words at a Time.
  3. Tip Three: Turn the Puzzle Upside-Down.
  4. Tip Four: Use the Words in a Goofy Phrase.
  5. Tip Five: Scan for ‘Impossible’ Words.
  6. Tip Six: Widen Your Focus.
  7. Tip Seven: Look for the Final Few Letters.

What Are the Best Word Game Apps for Ipad?

  1. Word Connect. I have always cherished playing “Word Connect” which has got five stars out of more than 529.7K ratings.
  2. Wordscapes.
  3. Word Search Pro.
  4. Word Crossy.
  5. Word Cookies.
  6. Words With Friends.
  7. WordWhizzle Search.
  8. Word Swipe.

How Much Money Do Words With Friends Make?

Few recognize just how an awful lot of money selling that sport to Zynga garnered them. The buy rate of their organization, Newtoy, has been extensively reported as $ fifty-three million, based totally on disclosures in Zynga’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission$nine million in inventory and $44 million in cash.

How Do You Start a Game on Words With Friends?

  1. Create a Game! Search for a random opponent, connect to Facebook, or ask a friend for their username!
  2. Take Your Turn. Create a word on the board by placing tiles vertically or horizontally.
  3. Scoring Points & Winning. You win the game by scoring more points than your friend!
  4. Final Tips.