Just Words Game

Just Words is a Scrabble-type game where you find your letter tiles to make words and beat your opposite player. Use your 6-letter tiles to take turns playing words. Words must be related to recently played words. Play tiles on squares to make more points with colorful dots. Squares with blue dots twofold or triple the score of any letter played on that square. Spelling words on squares with Red Dots double the rating of the whole word! The game is done when there is no tiles lift or the two players pass a turn progressively.

One of the best word games for testing your skill because you can play against an Easy opponent, Medium, or Expert player! There is an in-game instructional exercise loaded up with special rules and tips. The official Scrabble dictionary is used for word check.

Just Words Free Game for PC

Red squares are word multipliers; Blue squares are letter multipliers. So a square with two blue dots is a double letter, and a square with three red specks is a triple word. Play every one of the six letters in a single go to get a “Bingo” reward worth 50 points. Now available on PC, you can enjoy all the features of the game on your personal computer now.

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On the other side, only focusing on a current word, it’s regularly better to play a word parallel to one as of now on the board, making three or four new words and points to play!

Just words game is a multiplayer puzzle game. Everybody who has access to the internet can download it now for free and enjoy this fun game with their opponent players without any internet connection. Now ready to make your just own words like you do in a crossword. Click here for Fill It In Puzzles game.

Controls for the Game

There is only one simple way to control all of the game, and that is called Mouse.

Wants just words on the full screen, then hold down the CTRL key and scroll the mouse middle button up to zoom in and down to zoom out.

Make expressions of letter tiles from your draw (the more drawn out, the better). You may either put the tiles on the board or type them from your console and draw the total word where it fits. Pay heed to the spots on the board, as these are score multipliers. Play this free word game online against genuine players, on a PC, or all alone.

Play Online Free Just Words Game

NOTE: Please Allow Flash Player on your browser to play the game online.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the Mean of Just?

Modifier [ADVERB before verb] You utilize to state that something happened a brief timeframe prior or is beginning to occur right now. For instance, if you say that somebody has recently shown up, you imply that they showed up an exceptionally brief time back.

What are the Synonyms of Just?

OK, not too bad, moral, excellent, fair, good, good, decent, right, right-disapproved, noble, straight, genuine, upstanding, idealistic.

What Does Just Like Mean?

Much the same as that. Express. You utilize like to stress that something occurs or is done promptly or straightforwardly, frequently absent a lot of thought or talk — [informal, accentuation.

How Do You Cheat on Words With Friends?

  1. Pick a Words With Friends cheat site.
  2. Type in the letters you, as of now, have on your Words With Friends board.
  3. A few destinations offer propelled alternatives that are useful, similar to a prefix or post-fix.
    Select Find Words or a comparative catch, contingent upon which site you’re utilizing.

What Word Has All 26 Letters in It?

Every one of the 26 Letters. What is the name for a sentence that contains All 26 Letters of letters in order? These things are called pangrams, and the most renowned is the one typists use to test their consoles: The quick dark-colored fox hops over the apathetic canine.

Is It a Scrabble Word?

Check words in Scrabble Dictionary and ensure it’s an official Scrabble words. At the point when you enter a word and snap-on Check Dictionary button, it essentially reveals to you whether it’s substantial or not in the scrabble word game. Moreover, you can likewise query the significance in case you’re keen on learning a word.

Is IQ a Scrabble Word?

Different words that you would now be able to play in a Scrabble game incorporate macaron, facepalm, emoticon, muggle, and ew. However, of every one of those words, it’s the consideration of “alright” that has some Scrabble players separated. The principles of Scrabble preclude abbreviations that are spelled continuously with capital letters, for example, IQ or TV.

Which Sentence Has a to Z Word?

A pangram or holoalphabetic sentence is a sentence that contains each letter of the letters in order at any rate once. The most well-known pangram is likely the thirty-five-letter-long “The snappy darker fox hops over the sluggish pooch,” which has been utilized to test composing gear since, in any event, the late 1800s.

Is Word Collect a Free Game?

GET WORD COLLECT! Attempt the Best Free Word Games for Word Game Addicts and Download them today! NEW FEATURE: Free Hint Meter! Utilize three clues, and get the fourth free!

What Do You Mean by Games?

“A game is a framework wherein players take part in a fake clash, characterized by rules, that outcomes in a quantifiable result.” ( Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman) “A game is a type of craftsmanship wherein members, named players, settle on choices to oversee assets through game tokens in the quest for an objective.”