Run 3 Unblocked Download

Run 3 unblocked is the running, endless, and funniest game where you move through the space tunnel. The Run 3 game is now fully unblocked, and everybody can play free forever.

The main reason for the Run 3 game to unblock is you. Now you can play Run 3 without any hesitation and block force. There we also offer, and you can play both the brand HTML5 and flash implementation.

Run 3 is known by the name that it’s the third part of the running game series that is developed by Joseph Cloutier. The game is famous due to suitable for all ages and has outstanding graphics. Children and especially families love Run 3 games. You can play the game online through the browser because it’s a flash game.

Run 3 Unblocked

Run 3 Unblocked is an addictive game; with the game’s greatness, you will feel there that you can play this an entire night. We know many of the games will impress you, but you must fall in love with the Run 3 game series. Other games will bore you due to their difficulty. But the situation is different here at all levels you will entertain and excited for the next level to play.

For safety, you should reload your browser. If the game is not loading and error shows, then this will solve your problem, and you can also mention your complaint in the comment section.

Run 3 Unblocked Gameplay

The best part of run 3 is that the player will control an alien that is in the running position. Be careful with coming obstacles in your way, and you have to run far as possible in these tunnels. In the previous versions, run 1 and run 2 were the same, but here in run 3, they added some advanced techniques and mechanics.

Further details there is the ability after jumping out and re-entering a tunnel again, Ramps, darkness, and Crumbling tiles. Due to the addition of new features, the game looks more attractive as compared to previous versions of the game. Run 3 offers the more advanced currency called Power cells. Infinite Mode is the primary base to earn this currency, and you can also be rewarded for achievements.

Run 3 Hacked No Flash

You can unlock many characters using Power Cells, purchases, and upgrades in the shop. In Run 2, there are no bonuses and boxes that appear in between the tunnel.

Run 3 unblocked game launches 10 playable characters with 309 published levels and 20 playable tunnels. Every tunnel and character have its unique abilities and specification.

Controls for Run 3 Unblocked

Run 3 all game is covered by keyboard arrows, which gives you the access to move forward and be careful about falling from the spaceship, the most important note is the jumping button which helps you move up from free space to continue the game. Download the game now for more joy.

According to the previous version of the game, Run 3 unblocked is developed for single-player, which means the game is exciting and entertaining. The background music will make you addicted to this game and motivates you to defeat the enemies and reach the top level, which you deserve.

We can say that Run 3 is the same as other previous versions of the game or other running games, so this is slightly different and more amazing let’s try and play Run 3 unblocked.

Run 3 Hacked Unblock

Cheats to access the full game and their entertainment part to enjoy thoroughly with easiness press the “J” button to add more cash and upgrade your level through money.

Run 3 Unblocked at School

Run 3 unblocked at school means the game is for all ages but is most popular in school, and children like the gameplay. At school, you can easily pass the whole day without any need for the internet and other activities click to play Run 3 and enjoy.

Mode in Run 3 Game

Run 3 unblocked has two main modes Explore Mode and Infinite Mode; both of the methods have some outstanding and unique features.

Explore Mode is the base of Run 3; many characters can unlock through this mode. Galaxy map showing the tunnels and levels in explore mode.

Infinite Mode has pre-made levels up and down the order. Finish many levels in a row because your progress is not saving during levels. The levels repeat if you move far, so there is no possibility of winning. The goal of infinite mode in Run 3 unblocked is to collect power cells.

Features of Run 3 Games

  • Extra cool and endless running.
  • Attractive 3D graphics.
  • Access to new aliens in the shape of characters.
  • Soft controls in the overall game, smooth gameplay.
  • Unique characters and different power sources.
  • Unlimited options to play the game slowly and steadily.


Run 3 is an action game and needs an Adobe Flash Player to play. The game was updated recently on September 5, 2019, and the size is6.86MB. Run 3 unblocked access to 43 languages in the world. Visit Text Twist for more action.

Play Free Run 3 Unblocked Online

NOTE: Please Allow Flash Player on your browser to play the game online.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Run 3?

Run 3 is an unbelievably irresistible, perpetual sprinter-type activity/platforming game in which you play as a somewhat dim outsider. The little outsider is trespassing in a structurally tested territory that is skimming in space.

How Many Levels Are in Run 3?

There are right now in access of 20 playable side passages, 309 levels (367 including minigames), distributed and playable, and 59 levels which are unreleased yet might be playable in future updates, 44 of which are in tunnels that have not to discharge at this point.

How Do You Play Run the Game?

Press the spacebar to start running. Utilize the bolts to move left and right and the spacebar to bounce. To turn the labyrinth, move the outsider as far as possible, left or right. At that point, keep on moving into the divider until it pivots. Control the running outsider as he clears his path through the space labyrinth.

What is the Last Level in Run 3?

This is Level 65 of the Main Tunnel in Run 3. It is additionally the last degree of the Main Tunnel so.

How Many Levels Are in Run 1?

The game has 50 levels in Adventure Mode, which begin simply; however, find a good pace hard by the end. Boundless Mode incorporates an endless number of haphazardly produced levels, and the Kongregate form of the game has a colossal determination of client-made levels.

Who Created Run3?

Joseph Cloutier 

Run 3 is a stage game made by Joseph Cloutier’s player_03′ on Kongregate. It is the third in the arrangement and was discharged in June of 2014. However, it is incomplete and routinely refreshed. Run 1 and Run 2, the first two games in the settlement, were discharged in 2008 and 2011 separately.

How Do You Get Power Cells in Run 3?

Force cells, or batteries, are utilized as cash in Run 3. They open characters, ensembles, and redesigns, and they are additionally required to proceed after falling into Infinite Mode. Force cells are fundamentally earned in Infinite Mode but at the same time are granted from gaining accomplishments and by utilizing the Gentleman in Explore Mode.

How Many Levels Are in Run 3 Winter Games?

Twenty Levels 

The Winter Games is a side passage that branches off of Level 15 of the Main Tunnel. The journey comprises twenty degrees, which can play with any character.

How Do You Unlock the Bunny in Run 3?

The Bunny can be opened by getting eight accomplishments or purchasing 2,000 force cells in the shop. The Bunny has the most remarkable speed, mobility, and hops in the game.

How Do You Get the Kid in Run 3?

The Child can openly beat the Low-Power Tunnel, or he can purchase in the Shop 2,000 force cells. Fun reality: The Child used to cost 7,000 force cells! The Child’s lightweight, joined with his inflatable, permits him to run on disintegrating tiles without dislodging them.

Will There Be a Run 4?

Run 4 will be the last game in a game arrangement. It will be 70 levels toward the end, you open obi wan runobi (a spoof of Kenobi ). Run 4 will be similar to run 3. You are lying, brother.