Word Wipe Game

Word Wipe is an odd word to discover the game. Time neutralizes you as you form words to clear the board. The glad thing for you, the letters can be connected toward any path! The greater the word, the higher the score! What number of words would you be able to make by playing the word wipe game?

Word Wipe Game Instructions

Word Wipe is made a place in the most famous games! Consider Word Wipe is an online free word search, where the objective is to shape the same number of words as you can to progress through levels and rack up points.

By clicking play, you’ll attempt to beat the clock to gather contiguous letters to make words. You’ll have time to earn points through made the same number of words as you can, scoring value for each word – the more letters utilized, download game to higher the score.

Squeeze and drag along the line at any three letters that connect any direction, and discharge when finished framing your word. On the other hand, you can click letters each; at that point, double-tap the last letter of your word to submit. As you provide words, the used tiles will vanish, and the remaining will crush.

Clear vertical, horizontal lines to finish your goal before time terminates. When you complete the level, continue submitting words until time expires! Like this, you’ll energize extra bombs. Word wipe free online games allow you to drag a reward bomb onto the tiles to clear a whole square.

Leaderboard for Free Word Search Game

Contrast your score with countless others playing this addictively fun word search game. Do take note of that you’ll have to make a record to be recorded on the leaderboard, a procedure which takes 30 seconds.

Word Wipe Online Puzzle Fun Game

Word Wipe is an addictive free word search online puzzle game which includes a lot of fun! What’s more, it simply happens to be one of our most mainstream games. The main theme of this puzzle online word search game is to achieve what number of levels you can beat and how you stack against a great many different players from around the globe.

The most addictive word breakdown game! Connection letters together to shape words and clear the same number of lines as you can. How far would you be able to get? Also, Download Big Fish Games now to gather the fun.

Play Word Wipe Alternative Game Online Free

NOTE: Please Allow Flash Player on your browser in order to play the game online.

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